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Academic Competition Awards honor CHS teams

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Chesterton High School hosted their annual Academic Competition Awards Monday evening. All the academic groups were recognized for their participation and coaches in each area gave the highlights of this school year.

Academic Decathlon

The Academic Decathlon team advanced to state and placed sixth in the large school category. Members of the Academic Decathlon team are: Eric Zhong, Amanda Erxleben, Logan Haussman, Brady Wade, Abigail Brown, J.P. Pritchard, Rebecca Rizer, Max Brown, Joe Horn, Tony Ketcham, Dana Wickenden, Kayla Jones. Their coach is Dale Hewitt.

Individual medal winners at state were Senior Brady Wade and Sophomores Joe Horn and Tony Ketcham.

Senior Brady Wade and Sophomore Joe Horn were honored as Duneland Academic Conference (DAC) All Stars.

Academic Super Bowl

At the DAC competition, Social Studies took first, English took second place and Math took third place. At the Area competition, Fine Arts, Math and Interdisciplinary took first, Social Studies took second and Science and English took third. The subject of this yearís competition was Ancient Greece.

The Fine Arts team brought home the State Championship.

The Interdisciplinary team placed seventh at State.

Members of the Academic Super Bowl team are: Mikaela Meyer, Jonah Pruitt, Joe Horn, Jocelyn Lipscomb, Ben Moy, Joe Pejril, Kelsey Conway, Eddie Kaczmarek, Jacob Laster, George Romero, Alisha Dziarski. Their coaches are Dale Hewitt, Anna Zervos, Jennifer Jendrzejczyk and Eileen Haggerty.

Joe Pejril, Joe Horn, Mikaela Meyer and Jonah Pruitt were honored as DAC All Stars for their contributions to the Academic Super Bowl team.

Science Olympiad

The Science Olympiad team place second at the Indiana University Northwest Regional.

At the state competition the team placed 9th.

1st place Gravity vehicle: Eric Dreischerf and Logan Krantz; 2nd place Boomilever: Eve Miller and Alex Hanson; 2nd place Rock and Minerals: Alex Hanson and Autumn Miller; 3rd place Robot Arm: Eric Dreischerf and Logan Krantz; 4th place Elastic Launched Glider: Eric Dreischerf and Alex Hanson.

Members of the Science Olympiad team are Sara Filipek, Eric Dreischerf, Spencer Gordon, Dayna Gallo, Alex Hanson, Autumn Miller, Maryssa Engstrom, Marissa Sullivan, Addison Dempsay, Evelyn Miller, Chris Maatouk, Lily Hull, Eric Zhong, Christopher Krause, Natalie Petro, Galen Wong, Logan Krantz, Natalie Wozniak, Matt Petrovich. Their coaches are Kim Stahura and Jack Neuliep.

Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl team had an excellent year. Team members: Jessica Cavallaris, Eric Dreischerf, Spencer Gordon, Joe Horn, Anna Jones, Mikaela Meyer, Joe Pejril, George Romero, Jackie Santos, Brady Wade. Their coach is Anna Zervos.

The Varsity Quiz Bowl Team won the DAC Area Competition and were unable to participate in the state competition due to conflicts.

The Junior Varsity Quiz Bowl Team won the DAC Area Competition and The DAC Tournament

Senior Eric Dreischerf was honored as a DAC All Star for his contributions to the Quiz Bowl team.

Super Mileage Club

On April 29, 15 students from the Industrial Technology Club traveled down to Lucas Raceway Park in Indianapolis and competed in the Indiana Math, Science and Technology Education Alliance (IMSTEA) Challenge. This was the 13th year that Chesterton High School has participated in the competition with last yearís vehicle placing fifth with a mileage of 363.14 mpg. This year CHS had two vehicles, one in the Stock Class and the other in the Unlimited Class. In the Stock Class the students did the best ever placing third out of 13 schools with a mileage of 453.06 miles per gallon. In the Unlimited Class, the first time CHS has entered, the team placed eighth out of 17 schools, with a mileage of 211.77 miles per gallon. And to make things better the team received a trophy for The People Choice Award.

Members of the Super Mileage Club are: Aaron Coen, Trevor Van Nostran, Sydney Kutz, Rachael Enright, Joshua Luketich, Kalvin Ravn, Timmy Trowbridge, Jacob Jackson, Donald Dutcher, Alex Panozzo, Matt Murfitt, Preston Hayman, Alex Hanson, Sean Delaney, Jen Williams, Donna Trowbridge. Their advisors are Lance Nolting and Wayne Herltz.

2013 Math Competition Winners

Chesterton High School had another successful season in their mathematics competitions. In the MATH FAX competition CHS competed in various levels with much success. The top three finishers for CHS in Algebra I were Keagan Wong in first place, Nicholas Hodge in second place and Erik Ralph and Katrina Balon tied for third place. This group finished third in the state and fifth in the nation.

In Geometry there was a clean sweep for the top places from Chesterton High School students. Jared Gallina finished first at CHS as well as the division. Fred Owens finished second at CHS as well as the division. And Nathan Poczekay finished third at CHS as well as the division. This group finished first in the state as well as sixth in the nation.

In the Algebra II division, Christopher Krause won first place at CHS and second place in the division, Alisha Dziarski was second in the school and fourth in the division while Galen Wong finished third in the school and fifth in the division. This group finished first place in the state and fourth place in the nation. In the top class, Advanced Mathematics, Amanda Erxleben and Edward Kaczmarek were tied as the top scorers, while Jack Kurfman was third. The team finished third in the state and 10th in the nation.

Other CHS mathematics competition winners include school winners Cory Moore in American Mathematics Competition level 10 and Joseph Pejril in AMC 12 as a repeat winner from last year. Layla Mooradian was the school winner in yet another mathematics competition called Trig Star conducted at CHS by the American Society of Land Surveyors. Layla wins $50 cash and is in competition for the state winning of $500 cash based upon her score and time in the competition.

Spell Bowl

The Spell Bowl team competed at the Area Spell Bowl and the DAC Spell Bowl. Members of the Spell Bowl team are: Lily Hull, Natalie Wozniak, Christopher Krause, Galen Wong, Eric Zhong, Oscar Rodriguez, Alisha Whittaker, Kalvin Ravn, Haley Thielen, Marissa Sullivan.

Their coach is Jennifer Jendrzejczyk.

Japan Olympiad

The CHS third-year team of Chris Matouk, Garrett Lee and Matt Lutze defeated Valpo and Indianapolis North Central in the final round to win the state championship for a second consecutive year. The other third-year team of Monika Segovia, Lilly Hull, and Natalie Wozniak finished in fourth place out of sixteen teams. Eve Miller was the third-year alternate.

Michelle Stramel, Elena Levi and Sydney Shrum won the second-year division defeating Bloomington North and Michigan City. George Romero was the teamís alternate.

In the fourth-year division, the team of Addison Dempsay, Molly Cannon and Matrika Laster was runner up. The team narrowly lost to Indianapolis North Central and defeated Michigan City in the final round. Jimmy Rogers was the fourth-year alternate.

Members of the Japan Olympiad team are: Addison Dempsey, Trika Laster, Jimmy Rogers, Molly Cannon, Chris Maatouk, Garrett Lee, Matt Lutze, Monika Segovia, Lilly Hull, Natalie Wozniak, Eve Miller, Michelle Stramel, Elena Levi, Sydney Shrum, George Romero.

Their coaches are John Sparks and Aki Tsugawa.



Posted 5/15/2013