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CHS Debate team finishes December strong

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The Chesterton High School Speech & Debate hosted its annual debate tournament the second weekend of December. The early morning snowfall prevented a number of schools from participating, but the tournament was still host to more than two hundred high school students from both Indiana and Illinois.

The home meet runs a number of extra features compared to typical tournaments, including a larger number of rounds, which are then used to determine the final placings.

Chesterton won the varsity division of policy debate. Matt Jewison and Ben Hoham were the tournamentís only undefeated team, while teammates JD Cory and Devin Michael came in third with a 3-1 record overall. Madison Simms and Sofia Winski were sixth and Ethan Dibble and Ryan Donovan came in eighth overall.

At the novice level, Chestertonís top placing team was Gianna Galante and Karina Martinez came in fourth; they were followed by teammates Shae Hisaw and Jackson Fleming (5th) as well as Miles Janowski and Jon Sumita (6th). Hoham was the top individual speaker for the varsity division, scoring 116 out of a possible 120 points from his judges. Simms finished one point lower for second place.

At the novice level, Hisaw was the third best speaker and Sumita came in fourth. Chesterton finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in varsity Congressional debate. Creighton Gaff led the way and was tied with the winning student from Munster. After nine different tiebreakers it was concluded that Gaff had faced weaker competition and therefore placed second on strength of schedule. Sid Augustyn was one point off of the top placingís and came in third, while Megan Daye finished two points off of the top position.

Megan Daye was also the runner up for the James Cavallo Leadership Gavel. This award is named in honor of Chestertonís longest tenured debate coach in the history of its program. This award is unique in the state and is the only award for which the students vote on the winner of the competition.

Mikayla Herko, a freshman, was named as one of the two outstanding presiding officers in the chamber. Congressional debaters at this tournament debated legislation on the current tax cut bill, conceal and carry reciprocity, private prisons, and NATO expansion. Chesterton had a slew of top performances in the category of Public Forum Debate. The teams of Connor Wantuch and Ryan Day, Grace Whah and Katelyn Balakir, and Emily Krygoske and Zachary Mullins all went 5-1 during the competition and placed 3rd, 5th, and 6th respectively.

Alex Smzutko and Rhianna Ritz were originally slated to debate at the Junior-Varsity level, but were thrown in against the varsity teams during the competition. They went 4-2 overall and placed 8th at the varsity level and were additionally awarded first in the JV division. Owen Cowsert and Delano Davison were 4th in JV. Chesterton took the top two spots in the novice division after each of its teams compiled a 5-1 record. Nick Hanson and Jenna Aguilar took home first place due to having higher speaker points than their teammates Charlie Skube and Violet Joseph. Skube was the 3rd highest ranked speaker at the novice level and Nick Hanson was 4th.

Camma Duhamell only dropped one ballot and was the runner up in varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate. Sam Winski came in 7th overall, but was rated as the top individual speaker at the tournament. Bella Auricchio was the runner-up in the JV division and Hunter Stewart came in 8th place at the novice level.

Chestertonís world school debate team consisted of Amber Johnson, Kaylinn Woolever, Sam Disney, and Luke Caylor and came in 3rd place.

The following weekend Chesterton took a small team south to support the new team of Bloomington South, hosting their first tournament. Simms and Winksi won the varsity policy division. Cory and Michael came in 3rd place. Congress continued to dominate with Paul Petro, Sanjana Raj, and Megan Daye finishing in the top 3 spots. Hannah Geiss won the varsity division of Lincoln-Douglas and Chestertonís public forum teams took fourth through seventh; Bella Jennings and Sal Minnear (4th), Whah and Balakir (5th), Azeez Lakhani and Branden Wong (6th), and Krygoske and Mullins (7th).


Posted 12/22/2017





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