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CHS Japanese Olympiad team wins State Championship

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State Champs: The Chesterton High School Japanese Olympiad team has won the Japanese Olympiad of Indiana. Team members pictured are, front row, left to right, Addison Dempsey, Abi Lindstedt, Molly Cannon, Lajos Gazdag, Jessica Lohse, Aiko Kawano, Celia Mooradian and Ashley Irzyk. Back row, Grayson Wingate, Brooke Kravitz, Ryan Gorman, Trika Laster, Jack Kurfman, Donny Puent, Kaz Zaranski, Brandon Moore and Jimmy Rogers. (Photo provided)


CHS won the state championship in the fourth-year division and was runner-up in the third-year division at the Japanese Olympiad of Indiana at Valparaiso University on Saturday. This is the twelfth Japan Bowl/Japanese Olympiad state championship for CHS.

The Japanese Olympiad of Indiana is an academic competition for second, third and fourth-year students with categories including speaking, culture, kanji (Chinese characters), proverbs, listening, history, and onomatopoeic expressions.

The CHS fourth-level team of Celian Mooradian, Ryan Gorman and Brandon Moore defeated Bloomington North and Michigan City in the final round.

The team finished second the past two years and defeated Michigan City in a tense tie breaker round. The other fourth-year team of Abi Lindstedt and Ashley Irzyk finished sixth in the fourteen-team division.

The third-year team of Jessica Lohse, Brooke Kravitz and Grayson Wingate was runner-up in the third-year division. The team lost to Connersville by one question and defeated Bloomington North for second place. Donny Puent, Lajos Gazdag and Kaz Zaranski finished fourth out of fourteen teams.

Addison Dempsey, Trika Laster and Jimmy Rogers narrowly missed the final round, finishing fifth out of twenty teams. Molly Cannon and Jack Kurfman took sixth place in the division.

Fifty teams from fourteen high schools competed in this year’s competition. During the competition, team members had an opportunity to participate in Japanese modern and traditional cultural activities, which included traditional games, origami, movies, calligraphy, and other art projects.

Exchange student and assistant coach, Aiko Kawano, also accompanied the teams.




Posted 2/14/2011