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Hard working Janice Custer deserves support

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A Chesterton Tribune Editorial

Janice Custer's experience as a school board member and as a teacher will benefit the Duneland Schools in the next four years. Custer has a practical understanding of the importance of school funding and of the challenges facing the Duneland Schools due to the federal No Child Left Behind Act. She currently is the only woman on the school board and deserves another term.

Custer is more than a go-to-meeting board member. She has put in countless hours for the Duneland School Foundation raising funds from the private sector to augment our tax supported schools.

It is unfortunate that voters do not have more choices for this school board in this year's election. Board member Nick Jurasevich, who was appointed to his Jackson Township seat following the death of Dawn Rogers, has no opponent. Elections offer the voters a fresh analysis of the issues.

Regardless of whether incumbents deserve to win, the public as a whole benefits by having contested elections for school board and in all other races.



Posted 10/29/2004