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VU Professor Emeritus Lutze publishes memoir about civil rights movement

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The LDA (Lutheran Deaconess Association) is delighted to announce the publication of Rev. Karl E. Lutze’s latest book, Into a Wider World: family, friends and allies - companions for the journey.

This book is the third in a trilogy of Pastor Lutze’s memoirs of his long and full life. It covers his time at Valparaiso University, the civil rights movement, and some of the most active years of the Lutheran Human Relations Association of America.

He shares stories from his work in these endeavors - in the streets (Selma, Montgomery, Washington, Valparaiso) and in the church. He also shares poignant moments of being a pastor as well as memories that illustrate the profound value of lifelong friendships.

Readings from Lutze’s book will be featured as part of the LDA’s “Chicagoland Servant Stories” fundraising event on Sunday, March 22, at the Polo Cafe & Catering Bridgeport USA in Chicago

Long-time Valparaiso residents, Karl and his wife, Gail, have given the book to the LDA to support the LDA’s Scholarship Fund. Both have been faithful and enthusiastic supporters of the LDA and participants in its ministries.

The “Chicagoland Servant Stories” event also features the servant stories of LDA deaconesses, deacons and students. These stories include ministering to prisoners, helping a homeless woman desperate to sell her most precious possessions, and working with youth and families in church congregations. Deaconesses, deacons and students will be on hand to share how they were called to ministries of service and their experiences with the LDA program.

LDA Executive Director, Deaconess Lisa Polito, says, “Pastor Lutze’s servant heart has touched thousands of people over the course of his 94-year long life, including many deaconesses, deacons and students. We are blessed that he chose to support our Scholarship Fund with the proceeds of his book. We are delighted to offer an event to the public that highlights the various ways that faithful Lutherans serve in the church and in the community Đ past, present and future.”

For more information about the event and to RSVP, go to or call 219-464-6925.


Posted 3/5/2015




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