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United Way developing relief fund and resource guide for COVID19 response

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United Way of Porter County has compiled a regional resource guide for residents and volunteers to utilize during the COVID-19 coronavirus social distancing protocol Đ and has created the Coronavirus Pandemic Relief Fund to help those most affected.

For information about the relief fund and to donate, visit

The online guide directs residents to government, health, education and social services websites and features information about coronavirus quarantine, childcare resources, food resources, financial assistance services, e-learning topics and more.

“We wanted to make sure residents had a one-stop shop available to them during these trying times,” said Kim Olesker, president and CEO of United Way of Porter County. “It’s hard to know where to get information if you’ve never needed it before.”

Residents interested in volunteer opportunities will also find ways to help out their community here as well.

“We are currently assessing community need for volunteers,” Olesker said. “Once we have an idea of what’s needed we can mobilize those willing to assist.”

Information in the resource guide can be found at and will be continually updated as new information becomes available.



Posted 3/20/2020





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