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Two more deaths in Porter County; most hospitalizations yet

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Two more Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19, the Porter County Health Department (PCHD) reported after deadline on Tuesday.

One of the victims was a Center Township resident; the other, a Union Township resident. One was in the 40-49 demographic; the other, in the 50-59 demographic. One was a resident of a long-term care facility (LTCF).

To date, 60 Porter County residents have died of COVID-19. Twelve of them were Dunelanders: eight Westchester Township residents and four Liberty Township. Twenty-two were Portage Township residents; 23 Center Township; and three Union Township. Deaths by demographic: two in the 40-49; seven in the 50-59; nine in the 60-69; 14 in the 70-79; 14 in the 80-89; and 14 in the 90-and-over.


Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, 29 Porter County residents were hospitalized with COVID-19, up from 24 on Monday, PCHD reported.

According to the Chesterton Tribune’s records, those 29 hospitalizations represent the most on any single day since the pandemic began, exceeding the previous high of 28, reported on May 20

New Cases

Also on Tuesday, PCHD reported 140 new cases of COVID-19 (157 new cases on Monday), to bring the total so far to 4,262.

Of those 140 new cases, 81--or 58 percent--were in the younger demographics: 17 in the 0-20 (604 total); 17 n the 20-29 (768 total); 22 in the 30-39 (681 total); and 25 in the 40-49 (644 total).

The remaining 59 cases--or 42 percent--were in the older demographics: 26 in the 50-59 (680 total); 24 in the 60-69 (460 total); five in the 70-79 (236 total); three in the 80-89 (125 total); and one in the 90-and-over (64 total).


Two of the 140 new cases were reported in long-term care facilities, to bring the total so far to 224, up from 222 on Monday.

Of those 224 cases, eight are currently hospitalized, up from seven on Monday; 99 have recovered, downgraded from 100 on Monday; and 39 have died, up from 38 on Monday.

Right now there are 86 active COVID-19 cases in Porter County LTCFs.

Over the first six months of the pandemic--from March 17, when PCHD first started tracking COVID-19 numbers, to Oct. 16--a total of 119 cases was reported by LTCFs. In the 18 days since, that number has grown by fully 105 new cases, or 88 percent.

Active Cases

PCHD reported 3,100 recoveries on Tuesday, downgraded from 3,102 on Monday.

Total active cases in Porter County, after subtracting the 3,100 recoveries and 60 deaths: 1,102, up from 962 on Monday.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and a seven-day rolling average unique-individual positivity rate.

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Monday: 433 (400 on Monday; 312 on Tuesday, Oct. 27).

-- Unique-individual positivity rate as of Oct. 26: 18.9 percent (18.6 percent on Oct. 25; 15.9 percent on Oct. 19). Note: the positivity rate lags up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township

-- Westchester: 499 cases (484 on Monday). 109 active cases.

-- Liberty: 281 cases (273 on Monday). Seventy-eight active cases.

-- Jackson: 72 cases (unchanged since Monday). Ten active cases.

-- Pine: 16 cases (unchanged from Monday). Three active cases.

Other Townships

-- Portage: 1,370 cases (1,335 on Monday). 291 active cases.

-- Center: 1,211 (1,161 on Monday). 390 active cases.

-- Washington: 160 cases (159 on Monday). Twenty-nine active cases.

-- Union: 240 cases (224 on Monday). Sixty-nine cases.


Posted 11/4/2020




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