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Trick-or-treat not postponed: It is today from 5:30 to 7:30 pm

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Halloween trick-or-treat hours have not--repeat not--been changed in either the Tri-Towns or in unincorporated Porter County.

Trick-or-treat will proceed today as scheduled--despite the rain--from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski, Porter Police Chief Jamie Spannier, and Burns Harbor Police Chief Mike Heckman all told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that there has been no change in today’s trick-or-treat schedule. Sgt. Larry LaFlower of the Porter County Sheriff’s Police told the Tribune the same thing.

Meanwhile, both the CPD and the PCSP were reporting a flood of phone calls this morning from folks trying to verify that trick-or-treat had been postponed to Friday, apparently after seeing a story in the on-line edition of The Times.

The Trib, for that matter, was also receiving calls.

At the root of the confusion may be the fact that Crown Point has postponed trick-or-treat to Friday, as The Times was reporting. But in that story’s confusing column layout, it would appear that The Times was also reporting that trick-or-treat has been postponed in Duneland as well.

In fact, trick-or-treat will be tonight as previously scheduled throughout Duneland.

Posted 10/31/2013