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Tri Kappa Associates mark 40 years

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The Chesterton Tri Kappa Associates recently met at Strongbow Inn to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

The 29 members present were joined by special guests, Jan Stricker, Carol Hokanson and Doris Swanson.

Province 9 Officer Christine Klus brought greetings and congratulations from the state Tri Kappa organization.

Following a delicious dinner, President Sylvia Rhine conducted the business meeting.

Judy Ross reminded members about the upcoming Relay for Life and the availability of luminaries for that event.

Literacy Committee chairperson, Mara Becking, thanked members for the donations of books for the June project. President Rhine thanked the outgoing officers, Treasurer Helen Petro and Secretary Sherry Stephens.

The budget for the next year was approved.

Historian Becky Dunbar recognized special people from the past 40 years. Charter members of the Tri Kappa Associates include Becky Dunbar, Noreen Hokanson and Doris Swanson.

Past Presidents include Noreen Hokanson, Alice Perney, Marcia Bell, Alma Hall, Betty Ertel, Nancy Ruffing, Becky Dunbar, Jeannene Baur, Rosemary Canright, Sharon Robbins, Roberta Neel, Shirley Peffers, Barbara Bolesch, Carolyn Jones, Susan Sargent, Pat Amstutz and Sylvia Rhine.

Members who have been active in Tri Kappa for at least 50 years are Rosemary Canright, Becky Dunbar, Sue Edds, Noreen Hokanson, Carolyn Jones, Sharon Robbins and Bonnie Thomas.

Pictures from the past were distributed and the challenge was given to name the Tri Kappa members portrayed. This brought to mind many memories of philanthropic activitiesólike Wagons for Riley Hospital, Bloodmobile volunteering, creating hats for newborns, collecting school supplies and baking cookies for firemen.

A commemorative poem and letter of reflection written by Jeannene Baur were enjoyed by the group.

Installation of officers followed the anniversary festivities. The new officers are President Kim Baer, Treasurer Janet Zeck and Secretary Mara Becking.

The successful evening of celebration was a result of the planning and dedication of the 40th Anniversary Committee: Sylvia Rhine, Pat Amstutz, Barbara Bolesch, Susan Sargent, Sherry Stephens, Janenne Stuber, Becky Dunbar and Carolyn Jones.



Posted 6/3/2011




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