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Travis Derr, CHS 2003, awarded Bronze Star

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Sgt. Travis M. Derr (U.S. Army) was awarded a Bronze Star recently for his work in Afghanistan.

The Bronze Star Medal is an individual military award of the U.S. Army and may be awarded for acts of heroism, acts of merit, or meritorious service in a combat zone.

Derr, a 2003 CHS graduate and the son of Amy Miller Hill and D. Gregory Hill of Chesterton, was one of only two sergeants to receive the Bronze Star during Operation Enduring Freedom 12-13.

Derr enlisted in the U.S. Army in March 2006, completed basic training at Fort Sill, Okla., then went to Fort Lee, Virginia, for training in logistics before being stationed with an aviation unit at Fort Hood, Texas.

In 2008, Derrís first overseas tour took him to Camp Taji, Iraq, where he spent 12 months. During that time, Derr was promoted to sergeant and he re-enlisted with the request to be stationed in Alaska.

Derr subsequently became a logistics sergeant for the 793rd Military Police Battalion at Fort Richardson, Alaska. In the fall of 2012, his unitís 63 senior police advisors were deployed to COP (combat outpost) Justice, Afghanistan, and while there, Travis was assigned as the chief logistical advisor to the AUP (Afghanistan Uniformed Police) and to retrograde the U.S. Outpost.

The mission was to completely vacate all American equipment and assets from the COP before transferring the outpost over to the Afghanistan Uniformed Police Provincial Zone HQ.

For his logistical expertise rendered to the Afghanistan Uniformed Police, Travis was awarded the NATO medal for his partnership with Afghan forces. The NATO Medal is awarded by the Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to a military member for participation in designated NATO operations. Travis and his unit will return to Alaska sometime in June this year.

Senda a note to Travis via his mother on White Willow Lane in Chesterton.



Posted 5/10/2013





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