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Surge: Another death in a county nursing home

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Another Porter County resident has succumbed to COVID-19, the Porter County Health Department (PCHD) reported on Saturday.

The victim was in the 70-79 demographic and resided in a Center Township long-term care facility (LTCF).

To date, 54 Porter County residents have died of COVID-19. Eleven of them were Dunelanders: nine Westchester Township residents and two Liberty Township. Twenty-one were Portage Township residents; 21 Center Township; one Union Township; and one Porter Township.

Meanwhile, 29 new COVID-19 cases have been identified in Porter County LTCFs, to bring the total to 194, up from 165 on Thursday. Of those, one patient was hospitalized on Sunday, 89 had recovered, and 34 had died. As of Sunday, there were 71 active cases in Porter County nursing homes, up from 44 on Thursday.

Meanwhile, PCHD was reporting  a total of 330 new COVID-19 cases over the four-day period Friday-Monday to bring the countywide total to 3,441 up from 3,111 on Thursday.

PCHD reported 83 new cases on Friday; 100 on Saturday; 91 on Sunday; and 56 today.

The 100 new cases reported on Saturday represent a 24-hour record, breaking the previous record of 98 set only two days earlier, on Thursday.

And the 457 new cases reported for the week ending Saturday, Oct. 24 also represent a new seven-day record, shattering the previous record of 287 set just one week earlier.

Of those 330 new cases, 110 were diagnosed in the older demographics: 47 were reported in the 50-59 (534 total); 25 in the 60-69 (347 total); 18 in the 70-79 (197 total); 13 in the 80-89 (106 total); and seven in the 90-and-over (55 total).

Of those 330 new cases, 220 were reported in the younger demographics: 51 in the 0-19 (503 total); 61 in the 20-29 (631); 50 in the 30-39 (549 total); and 54 in the 40-49 (504 total).

Six patients were hospitalized, up from four on Thursday. After subtracting 2,785 recoveries and 54 deaths, active COVID-19 cases in Porter County totaled 602 today, up from 593 on Thursday.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and a seven-day rolling average unique-individual positivity rate.

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Sunday: 312 (233 on Thursday): the highest per-100,000 average since the pandemic began.

-- Unique-individual positivity rate as of Oct. 18: 14 percent. Note: the positivity rate lags up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township

-- Westchester: 426 cases (379 on Thursday). Eighty-two active cases.

-- Liberty: 214 cases (198 on Thursday). Forty-one active cases.

-- Jackson: 65 cases (60 on Thursday). Eleven active cases.

-- Pine: 14 cases (12 on Thursday). Two active cases.

Other Townships as of Sunday

-- Portage: 1,139 cases (1,047 on Thursday). 172 active cases.

-- Center: 941 (836 on Thursday). 186 active cases.

-- Washington: 135 cases (127 on Thursday). Fifteen active cases.

-- Union: 183 cases (170 on Thursday). Twenty-seven active cases.

Indiana hospitalizations highest since April

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana’s hospitals entered the weekend with their most COVID-19 patients since the first weeks after the coronavirus outbreak reached the state seven months ago, according to state health officials.

The state health department has also added 38 more coronavirus-related deaths to Indiana’s toll over past two days. The newly recorded deaths raise Indiana’s death toll to 4,130, including confirmed and presumed coronavirus infections, according to the health department’s daily update on Sunday.

Indiana reached a seven-day rolling average of 25 daily deaths last week, the highest level since May and nearly double from a month ago.

Gov. Eric Holcomb has resisted calls for reinstating coronavirus restrictions since lifting most limits last month - just as the state started recording sharp increases in hospitalizations and new infections. Holcomb announced last week new steps toward fighting outbreaks in nursing homes, whose residents have accounted for about 55% of Indiana’s deaths.

The 1,685 coronavirus hospitalizations as of Friday marked Indiana’s most mid-April and also up about double from late September.

Indiana’s average daily number of new confirmed COVD-19 cases reached 2,158 as of Saturday. That is up about 160% from a month ago and has continued rising to new highest level the state has seen during the pandemic.


Posted 10/26/2020




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