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STEM learning in YMCA after school programs

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STEM education, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is a core component of the Duneland Family YMCA's after-school program with hands-on STEM activities each week.

During the 2016-17 school year, thanks in part to generous support from ArcelorMittal, more than 300 students in grades K-6 from seven Duneland schools participated in the Duneland Family YMCA's after-school program. Each of the participants explored the range of in-depth STEM concepts through age-appropriate lessons and exciting hands-on learning activities delivered weekly throughout the school year.

Students built their STEM skills through engaging activities, such as:

*  Learning about geology and chemistry by building and erupting their own volcano in a multi-week team project

*  Experiencing physics and engineering, as they design, build, test, and improve towers using cranberries and toothpicks

*  Combining chemistry and physics by soaking hard-boiled eggs in vinegar to dissolve the shells and convert the eggs into to bouncy balls

*  Exploring biology and the scientific process by proving and disproving statements about owls, using online research and experimenting with straws, feathers, wind measurement, and much more.

YMCA teachers administered assessments at the beginning and end of the school year to evaluate the impacts of the program. Increase in students responding "Yes" or "Absolutely" was as follows: Enjoys STEM projects (21% increase); Knows what STEM means (41% increase); Knows what STEM jobs are (31% increase); Interested a STEM Camp (15% increase).

“The Duneland Family YMCA after-school STEM program is making a great impact on the students who participate in this important initiative,” said Jolice Pojeta, manager, corporate responsibility and communications, ArcelorMittal. “At an early age, students are grasping the importance of how STEM can impact their lives as they progress through their education years and into their final career choice. ArcelorMittal is pleased to lend support to the YMCA program that is helping shape the future of these young students.”

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Posted 5/4/2017




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