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South Shore Orchestra sends greetings from Nanjing China

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Sarah McIntyre, Troy Webdell, Pete Brannen, Josh DeVries and Jinyuan Meng with the Youth Olympic Games mascot


Porter County’s South Shore Orchestra is in Nanjing, China.

Promotional literature was circulated to the seven Chinese cities hosting the group, featuring solo cellist Chesterton High School senior Josh DeVries, and vocal soloists Sarah McIntyre and Sean Kroll.

Photographers, videographers, and journalists greeted the group's arrival and followed it the rest of the day to scheduled visits and dinner, and featured on the evening news.

The first stop was a visit to the headquarters of the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

Created by the International Olympic Committee, Nanjing will be the second YOG that focuses on the health and well being of youth aged 15-18.

SSO posed with the YOG animated mascot, whose body and color is inspired by a local precious luminous stone.

SSO President Pete Brannen, Maestro Webdell, and soloists Josh DeVries and Sarah McIntyre were presented with the official mascot from the organization.

Second stop was the Museum of the Nanjing Massacre. An emotionally moving exhibit relating the tragic wartime account of the Japanese invasion of Nanking.

The museum is a tribute to the 300,000 victims with sculpture, artwork, artifacts, and eyewitness accounts recording the tragedy, to hopefully prevent the repeat of such an event.

The group's concerts feature an animated video created to compliment each piece of music presented, heightening the audio and visual experience.

This trip, the orchestra's fourth China New Year’s tour, has had a lot of special aspects to its itinerary and venues largely due to the friendships made and relationships fostered by the Confucius Institute of Valparaiso University.

The final concert was scheduled for Beijing on Monday, January 6.



Posted 1/6/2014