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Schnadenberg Service Person of Year; Tribune Puts Duneland on the Map

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Chesterton Street Commissioner -- and long-time Chesterton Police Reserve Lieutenant -- John Schnadenberg is the Duneland Chamber of Commerce’s Serviceperson of the Year.

Schnadenberg received the honor at the Chamber’s annual Awards Luncheon on Wednesday at Sand Creek Country Club.

Presenting the award was Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski, who noted that Schnadenberg is not only a “hands-on type of supervisor” who is often “the first if not only Street Department employee” to respond when “after-hours assistance” is needed--SOP for Schnadenberg since his appointment in 1985--but that he has also served with the Police Reserves for 32 years, beginning in 1987.

All told, Schnadenberg has volunteered “just short of 9,000 hours” to the Reserves, the equivalent of four and half work-years; was a member of the CPD’s Emergency Response Team during the entirety of its tenure; and was recognized by the Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police in 2013 with its Community Service Award. “There is not a single officer, full-time or otherwise, who would not be happy to have or see John working with or beside them,” Cincoski said.

“Many years ago, my father told me to watch a man and his work,” Cincoski added. “And if the qualities, deeds, and impressions you receive leave you with the belief that that person has their act together, pay attention, because they are somebody and they are going somewhere. My father would be proud to meet the recipient of this year’s Serviceperson of the Year award. John’s sense of duty and his commitment surpass all our definitions of service.”

Schnadenberg, in accepting the award, thanked his wife, Karan, especially, for her “support and patience,” and Cincoski himself for keeping the Reserve program strong.

“It’s been a pleasure to serve,” Schnadenberg said, “and I think everyone who has the time should serve the community.”

Putting Duneland on the Map

The recipient of this year’s Putting Duneland on the Map Award: the Chesterton Tribune, founded in 1884 by Arthur Bowser and since 1928 under the ownership of the Canright family.

Presenting the award was Lorelei Weimer, executive director of the Porter County Convention, Recreation, and Tourism Commission, who opened her remarks with the grim fact that, since 2004, one in five locally owned newspapers has been shuttered, while many others have been, or under threat of being, gobbled up by national chains.

“The Chesterton Tribune is the only newspaper that gives in-depth coverage on the Duneland communities,” Weimer said. “What makes the Chesterton Tribune unique is they devote the space needed to cover the story adequately, versus other newspapers whose articles are written to accommodate a specific amount of column space.”

“Another unique quality of the Chesterton Tribune is how generous they are in publishing community press releases and community photos,” Weimer also said. “Think about the people, businesses, and organizations that have been positively impacted by their information and photographs being published in the Chesterton Tribune.”

Accepting the award on behalf of the Trib was reporter Lily Rex, who noted that publisher and managing editor David Canright was unable to attend the luncheon because he was--as always at lunch time--still putting the day’s paper together.

Rex noted that every edition of the Trib is a group effort, and would be impossible without the daily efforts of the front office staff, Adam Peffers, Lora McMeans, and Nicole Migliorini; the press operator, Jerome Nowaczyk; sports editor, TR Harlan; photo editor co-publisher Margaret Willis; photographer /advertising representative Dana Gilbertson and reporter Kevin Nevers.

“And none of us would have a job if Duneland didn’t do so many interesting things for us to write about,” Rex added.



Posted 7/18/2019




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