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'Proven in Battle' tells story of life of Jonathan Kephart

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“Proven in Battle,” the story of U.S. Army Spc. Jonathan Kephart, killed in action in Iraq on April 8, 2004 was released on April 8, 2006, the second anniversary of his death. Spc. Kephart is the brother of Anna Rose of Burns Harbor. He was born in Valparaiso on Sept. 2, 1982.

The book, written by Jonathan’s father, Burton R. Kephart, relates what the family went through when word was received that Jonathan was killed in action only 10 days after arriving in Iraq. Jonathan’s platoon sergeant, who was in the battle with Jonathan, provided Burton with a detailed account of the battle, which is included in the book.

Kephart, a gunner, was wounded and continued shooting until his vehicle was hit with an RPG (rocket propelled grenade). His squad had been ordered to go to the location of another patrol that had been ambushed. During the 45 minute battle as they headed for the first patrol, some 300 insurgents ambushed them.

According to Sgt. Rossman, Kephart’s bravery and effectiveness saved others in his squad. He was declared a hero by his peers, superiors, family, and Purple Heart presented to his family at the funeral verified his heroics.

The book is dedicated to the 12 troops of the Second Squad, Fourth Platoon of the 230th Military Police Company, 95th Battalion, 16th Brigade, stationed out of Kaiserslaughtern, Germany, who were on the mission with Kephart. The others survived.

In his book, Burton speaks of his faith in Jesus Christ and urges the reader to accept Him as the Savior.

For information about how to receive the book, please call Anna at 787-6924 or e-mail


Posted 5/5/2006