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Porter County set to release more data on local virus cases

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Porter County will soon start releasing more detailed information on local COVID-19 cases through a new feature on its website, according to Porter County Commissioner Laura Blaney (D-South).

Blaney told the Tribune this morning that an “enhanced dashboard” with a map of COVID-19 cases per Township could be available on the Porter County website as early as tomorrow. The addition to the website is being tested today, and should launch tomorrow if no issues arise.

Blaney said the project has been in the works, with input from Health Department staff, County legal advisors, and the Commissioners’ Office, for about a week and a half. “We’ve worked out the path of information that will keep everyone updated and maintain everyone’s privacy,” Blaney said. “It will be similar to the State’s dashboard, but not exactly the same.”

No private or identifying patient information will be released. The new dashboard will show the distribution of Porter County COVID-19 cases by Township, the total current number of Porter County COVID-19 patients hospitalized, the total current number of Porter County COVID-19 patients recovered, and current gender and age distributions of Porter County cases.

The Tribune requested similar sets of information early last week and was told discussions about providing more information were in the works.

The new dashboard will be accessible by clicking on the blue box titled “Coronavirus Updates” on the Homepage of

Citizens visiting the site can expect frequent updates to the new data, though Blaney said the County isn’t sure yet if the site will be updated daily and at the same time every day. “We’re still working on the exact time for that,” Blaney said.



Posted 4/6/2020




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