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Porter County reports voting smooth despite waits

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Before deadline today, Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey provided several updates on this morning’s voting.

-- At 7:13 a.m. today, Bailey reported that all Porter County polling locations were open and accepting voters. “As is routine, there are some connectivity issues in doing the initial equipment update that are being resolved.” Bailey noted. “There was one location in Kouts where the equipment had a coding issue and ES&S is there correcting the issue manually.” However, Bailey emphasized, “These issues DO NOT prevent the voters from casting their ballots.”

-- At 8:30 a.m. Bailey reported that voting was continuing at all polling places, though at the Baptist Church in Valparaiso one of the two voting machines became disabled when a ballot got stuck in it. The problem was fixed 20 minutes after the Elections Office was notified, Bailey said. “Some voters, especially seniors, are taking more time to cast their votes because of the long ballot and their unfamiliarity with the new equipment,” Bailey added. “They will be allowed the time to complete their ballot.”


Posted 11/3/2020





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