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Porter County reports 83 new C19 cases

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The Porter County Health Department (PCHD) was reporting 83 new COVID-19 cases today (56 new cases on Monday), to bring the total so far to 3,524, up from 3,441 on Monday.

Of those, 54 percent were diagnosed in the younger demographics: eight in the 0-19 (511 total); 16 in the 20-29 (647); 12 in the 30-39 (561 total); and eight in the 40-49 (527 total).

The remaining 46 percent were diagnosed in the older demographics: 16 in the 50-59 (550 total); 17 in the 60-69 (364 total); four in the 70-79 (201 total); and one in the 80-89 (107 total). Total in 90-and-over: 55.

No additional deaths were reported today. Fifty-four Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, two new COVID-19 cases Meanwhile, two new COVID-19 cases have been identified in Porter County long-term care facilities, to bring the total to 196, up from 194 on Monday. Of those, one patient is currently hospitalized, 89 have recovered, and 34 have died. As of this morning, there were 73 active cases in Porter County LTCFs, up from 71 on Monday.

Overall, six patients are currently hospitalized, unchanged from Monday. After subtracting 2,785 recoveries and 54 deaths, active COVID-19 cases in Porter County totaled 685 today, up from 602 on Monday.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and a seven-day rolling average unique-individual positivity rate.

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Sunday: 344 (312 on Monday): the highest per-100,000 average since the pandemic began.

-- Unique-individual positivity rate as of Oct. 19: 14.7 percent (13.9 percent on Monday). Note: the positivity rate lags up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township

-- Westchester: 433 cases (426 on Monday). Eighty-nine active cases.

-- Liberty: 215 cases (214 on Monday). Forty-two active cases.

-- Jackson: 66 cases (65 on Monday). Twelve active cases.

-- Pine: 14 cases (14 on Monday). Two active cases.

Other Townships

-- Portage: 1,152 cases (1,139 on Monday). 185 active cases.

-- Center: 981 (941 on Monday). 226 active cases.

-- Washington: 138 cases (135 on Monday). Eighteen active cases.

-- Union: 185 cases (183 on Monday). Twenty-nine active cases.



Posted 10.27.2020




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