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Porter County reports 30 new C19 cases on Tuesday

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The Porter County Health Department reported after deadline on Tuesday 30 new COVID-19 cases (38 new cases on Monday), to bring the total so far to 2,665, up from 2,635 on Monday.

Of those 30 new cases reported on Tuesday, 18--or 60 percent--were diagnosed in the younger demographics: one in the 0-19 (387 total); four in the 20-29 (507 total); six in the 30-39 (425 total); and seven in the 40-49 (403 total).

As of Tuesday, 387 cases have been diagnosed in children or teens, or 14.5 percent of all cases (14.6 percent on Monday). On July 7, only 39 children or teens had been diagnosed of the 765 total cases at the time: or 5.1 percent.

Of the 30 cases reported on Tuesday, 12--or 40 percent--were diagnosed in the older demographics (53 percent on Monday): six in the 50-59 (412 total); five in the 60-69 (264 total); and one in the 80-89 (71 total). Total in the 70-79: 159. Total in the 90-and-over: 37.

Meanwhile, one patient was hospitalized on Tuesday, unchanged from Monday. Total active cases in Porter County, after subtracting 2,278 total recoveries and 49 total deaths: 338, up from 308 on Monday.

A total of 119 COVID-19 cases were reported on Tuesday in Porter County long-term care facilities, unchanged from Monday. Of those 119, 31 have died, 88 have recovered, and none is currently hospitalized. As of today, there were no active cases in the county’s long-term care facilities, unchanged from Monday.

No additional COVID-19 deaths were reported on Tuesday. As of Tuesday, 49 Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; and a seven-day rolling average positivity rate.

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Tuesday: 154 (147 on Monday): the single highest per-100,000 average since the pandemic began.

-- Positivity rate as of Oct. 5: 11.3 percent (10.7 percent on Oct. 4): the highest seven-day rolling average since PCHD began tracking it on June 1. Note: the positivity rate lags up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township:

-- Westchester: 320 cases (318 on Monday). Thirty-six active cases.

-- Liberty: 164 cases (163 on Monday). Nineteen active cases.

-- Jackson: 51 cases (unchanged from Monday). Four active cases.

-- Pine: 12 cases (unchanged from Monday). No active cases.

Other Townships:

-- Portage: 913 cases (900 on Monday). 118 active cases.

-- Center: 717 cases (711 on Monday). Ninety-four active cases. Center Township’s total includes Valparaiso University students.

-- Washington: 107 cases (106 on Monday). Nine active cases. Washington Township’s total includes Porter County Jail inmates.

-- Union: 152 cases (149 on Monday. Twenty-six active cases.

State reports 1,172 new cases

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) was reporting today 1,172 new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours (1,569 new cases on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 139,269, up from 138,104 on Tuesday.

ISDH was also reporting today 14 additional COVID-19 deaths over the 24 hours (27 deaths on Tuesday), to bring the total to date to 3,851, up from 3,837 on Tuesday.

In addition, ISDH was reporting today 1,357 hospitalizations (1,288 hospitalizations on Tuesday): the highest number of hospitalizations since May 13--exactly five months ago--when ISDH reported 1,381 hospitalizations.

Marion County was reporting today 23,611 cases (22,867 on Tuesday) and 774 deaths (772), the most in the state in both categories. Lake County was reporting 12,189 cases (12,087) and 340 deaths (339), the second most in the state in both categories. LaPorte County was reporting 1,928 cases (1,908) and 50 deaths (49).

Indiana Schools: ISDH was reporting today 42,387 total student cases statewide, 481 total teacher cases, and 542 total staff cases.

607 schools have not reported.


Posted 10/14/2020




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