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Porter County reports 25 new cases

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The Porter County Health Department was reporting this morning 25 new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours (19 on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 2,428, up from 2,403 on Tuesday.

Of those 25 new cases, 15--or 60 percent--were diagnosed in the younger demographics: five in the 0-19 (354 total); four in the 20-29 (469 total); two in the 30-39 (386 total); and four in the 40-49 (361 total).

To date, 354 cases have been diagnosed in children or teens, or 14.6 percent of all cases (14.5 percent on Tuesday). On July 7, only 39 children or teens had been diagnosed of the 765 total cases at the time: or 5.1 percent.

Of the 25 cases reported over the last 24 hours, however, 40 percent were diagnosed in the older demographics (39 percent on Tuesday): four in the 50-59 (362 total); five in the 60-69 (241 total); and one in the 70-79 (151 total). Total 80-89: 68. Total 90-and-over: 36.

Meanwhile, one patient is currently hospitalized, unchanged from Monday. Total active cases in Porter County, after subtracting 2,118 total recoveries and 49 total deaths: 261, up from 236 on Tuesday.

A total of 119 COVID-19 cases has been reported in Porter County long-term care facilities, unchanged from Tuesday. Of those 119, 31 have died, 88 have recovered, and none is currently hospitalized. As of today, there were no active cases in the county’s long-term care facilities, unchanged from Tuesday.

No additional COVID-19 deaths were reported today. To date, 49 Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester: 299 cases (299 on Tuesday). Fifty-three active cases.

-- Liberty: 148 cases (146 on Tuesday). Twenty-two active cases.

-- Jackson: 49 cases (48 on Tuesday). Six active cases.

-- Pine: 12 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). One active case.

Statewide: 1,302 new cases

The Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) was reporting this morning 1,302 new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours (990 new cases on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 128,227, up from 126,946 on Tuesday.

ISDH was also reporting 17 additional COVID-19 deaths over the last 24 hours (30 additional deaths on Tuesday), to bring the total to date to 3,741, up from 3,724 on Tuesday.

In addition, ISDH was reporting today 1,081 hospitalizations (1,138 hospitalizations on Tuesday): the second highest number of hospitalizations since May 31, when ISDH reported 1,041 statewide.

Indiana School Cases

Meanwhile, ISDH was reporting today 303 new student cases statewide (1,992 total); 59 new teacher cases (406 total); and 79 new staff cases (447 total), all unchanged from Tuesday.

There were 811 schools with no reported cases; 944 schools with one or more cases; and 1,067 schools have not reported, also all unchanged from Tuesday.


Posted 10/7/2020




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