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Porter County COVID19 cases total 42; still no additional information from Health Department

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The Porter County Health Department is reporting this morning a total of 47 positive cases of COVID-19 in the county, up from 42 on Thursday.

“Some of the reported positives are receiving treatment in a healthcare facility and the remainder are self-isolating at home,” the Health Department said. “The individuals who are self-isolating at home are being contacted twice a day by staff at the Porter County Health Department to closely monitor their condition for any deterioration. Due to privacy laws, no additional information about the individuals will be released.”

“The Health Department thoroughly investigates each case, tracking down not only close contacts but any contact by finding out where the individual was when symptoms started as well as who they were with,” the Health Department said. “Health Department staff has had extensive training in communicable disease investigation as well as ample resources provided by the state.”

The Health Department noted that its numbers are “real time,” while the number reported by the Indiana State Department of Health usually lag, as it updates its website only once a day, usually in the evening.

Information Not Being Released

The Chesterton Tribune has requested but not received from the Health Department the following information:

--  Township breakdowns of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

--  The number of cases believed to be related, for example, transmissions from family member to family member or from work colleague to work colleage.

--  Clusters of cases associated with a specific location, for example, a church, a bar or restaurant, a place of business, a grocery, or an apartment building.

--  The demographics of the cases, that is, do older persons or those with pre-existing conditions represent the majority of the cases?

--  The number of patients actually hospitalized; and of those, the number in intensive care.


Posted 4/3/2020




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