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Porter County Community Foundation pledges inclusiveness in wake of religious law

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The Porter County Community Foundation issued a statement after deadline Tuesday in response to the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” which was signed by Governor Mike Pence last week.

“From the very beginning of the Porter County Community Foundation (Foundation), one of our core values has been and continues to be our commitment to inclusiveness and unity for the advancement of Porter County,” the statement said.

The Foundation said that in June of 2010, its Board of Directors formally adopted a Commitment to Inclusiveness that states, in part, that it shall operate according to the following principles:

We value, respect and embrace diversity in all aspects of our activities.

We are committed to inclusiveness as a core operating principle for our organization.

We will not engage in or tolerate any form or act of discrimination or harassment and we shall be vigilant against any such conduct.

We shall be open and accessible to all.

We shall treat each other and those we serve with respect.

We shall demonstrate fair and equal treatment for all.

The Foundation has been and will continue to be involved in and support initiatives designed to promote diversity and inclusion in Porter County and throughout northwest Indiana.

“The enactment of the (RFRA) has brought the issue of discrimination to the forefront in our state. While the Foundation does not normally engage in political activities, we want to be clear in our position that we do not discriminate nor will we tolerate discrimination against anyone because of race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion,” the statement said.

“We will continue to work to make Porter County, northwest Indiana and our state a welcoming place where everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We encourage our elected officials and community leaders to speak out against discrimination and encourage them to take appropriate action to ensure that discrimination is neither allowed nor condoned in Indiana.”



Posted 4/1/2015




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