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Porter County Commissioners urge vigilance amidst C19 surge

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The Porter County Commissioners are urging residents to remain vigilant to slow the transmission of COVID-19, amid a spike in new cases and hospitalizations.

“The recent spikes in identified COVID-19 cases understandably have many Porter County residents concerned,” the Commissioners said in a statement released this morning. “Since the reopening of Porter County government offices, the Board of Commissioners has led by example by instituting practices to reduce the risk of transmission to our citizens and employees. Temperature screening takes place at each building and anyone whose temperature exceeds CDC guidelines will not be allowed to enter. Every member of the public will be required to wear masks while inside county buildings. The County Facilities Department will continue the enhanced cleaning of the public/common areas with disinfectant and antiviral cleaning products, as available. Hand sanitizer, hand sanitizer stations, and disinfecting wipes shall be provided throughout the public/common areas of the county buildings and to each department, as available.”

"County employees are required to wear masks in any public/common spaces within any county building, and the county highly recommends that all employees wear a face mask at all times while at work,” the statement noted. “Sneeze guards have been installed in each office that has a customer service counter. County employees shall be either behind a sneeze guard or wear a mask when dealing with a citizen. On a daily basis, employees are required to complete a questionnaire regarding travel and symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19. Based on the information provided in the questionnaire, the employee may be sent home. Each day, each employee’s temperature is taken and recorded before entering their workspace. If the employee’s temperature meets or exceeds the current CDC guidance, the employee will be sent home. Employees are also encouraged to stay home if they are feeling sick.”

"We have implemented all of the safeguards possible to assure the safety of our citizens and employees,” said Commissioner Jim Biggs, R-North. “As with many challenges, the antidote to fear is preparation. The overall goal is limiting preventable spread of COVID-19, so we can keep the rate of infections manageable to minimize the chance of severe complications that could overburden our healthcare system and result in loss of life.”

“Our citizens can be safer by being more vigilant in managing the risk of unknowingly spreading the virus,” said Commissioner Laura Blaney, D-South. “Taking precautions is essential and we urge our residents and local businesses to follow CDC and Health Department recommendations.”

Those recommendations include the following:

-- Wear a mask when away from home.

-- Do not congregate in small or large groups, especially without a mask.

-- Stay at home, except to engage in permitted activities.

-- Stay at least six feet away from others, even from those you know and are comfortable around.

-- Do not invite people into your home and do not enter other people’s homes.

-- Avoid contact with people who are sick.

-- Wash your hands with soap and water, for at least 20 seconds each time.

-- Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.

-- People 65 or older, or otherwise at increased risk, are encouraged to stay safe at home.



Posted 11/2/2020




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