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Porter Bank annual calendar celebrates Dunes Learning Center

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For 34 years, a Porter Bank “Our Indiana Dunes” calendar has been produced, emphasizing the appreciation and recognition of the unique environment our community and visitors have access to.

Our Indiana Dunes Calendar has previously earned an award from the National Department of the Interior to honor the continued awareness and education about the Indiana Dunes. The calendar is very popular with current residents and those who have moved away.

Porter Bank’s purpose has always been to support the Indiana Dunes and give it the attention and recognition it deserves.

Promoting the Indiana Dunes via the wonderful work of the Dunes Learning Center, from a youth’s point of view, is captured in the 2018 edition of Porter Bank’s ‘Our Indiana Dunes’ calendar. Dunes Learning Center served over 12,000 students last year in programs including the unplugged summer camp, workshops, and special events. Through the work of their staff and over 200 volunteers, the Dunes Learning Center has provided educational services to nearly 15,000 participants.

The calendar is free to the public and can be picked up at any of the Porter Bank’s three offices, located in Porter, Chesterton, or The Pines.



Posted 12/8/2017





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