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Paulene Poparad ends 38 year journalism career, sort of

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As some of you already know today I retire from the Chesterton Tribune as a news reporter after 38 years, all but four of them with the Tribune, but my byline wonít totally disappear. More about that later.

I began in an era when I could send a typed list of questions to Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck and get a completed questionnaire returned to me with a cover letter. Veeck had high hopes for Kevin Bell, and he picked Wayne Nordhagen and Bill Nahorodny to surprise fans in 1978.

Thereís so much local history Iíve covered, and so many good, dedicated public servants Iíve met who quietly made a positive difference in the lives of the people they served. Thanks, too, to the various characters along the way who made my countless hours at public meetings more interesting.

I have been shocked, bewildered, encouraged and humbled by events that happened before my eyes, always aware I was furthering the Tribuneís goal of preserving the history of the Duneland communities.

I canít retire without saying thank-you to the Tribune for taking a chance on a young wife and mother with no journalism degree; to John Canright for teaching me itís not only the facts and figures that count but also how they affect people; to Dave Canright for being so understanding; and of course to you the readers.

I also appreciate the opportunities given me when I worked for the Michigan City News-Dispatch, and that really cool 1986 Radio Shack Tandy laptop with the screeching modem.

To everyone who offered best wishes on my retirement, it is deeply appreciated. Special thanks go to the Tribune staff, the Westchester Public Library Board, the Porter Town Council, Burns Harbor Town Council member Jeff Freeze and member Jim McGee and his wife Rita.

With all this new-found time on my hands, I plan to resume writing my monthly garden column Of Wonders and Weeds so we gardeners can share our mutual fascination and frustration with the hobby. See you in January!

Paulene Poparad




Posted 1/2/2015




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