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Over-odorized natural gas keeps CFD busy on Saturday

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The Chesterton Fire Department responded to more than a dozen calls on Saturday reporting--from residents all over town--reporting a heavy smell of natural gas, both inside and outside their homes.

As near as Fire Chief John Jarka and NIPSCO’s local supervisor were later able to determine, a crew working on a natural-gas line near Chesterton mixed too much odor additive--known as mercaptan--into the gas supply.

However, folks with tiny gas leaks in their homes--or with appliances not working properly--began to smell a powerful odor of rotten egg in their houses, Jarka told the Chesterton Tribune this morning.

The CFD received its first call at 2:17 p.m. Saturday and its last at 1:11 a.m. Sunday. But between 2:17 and 4:15 the CFD responded to a flurry of calls, 12 in total, Jarka said, and from all parts of town: Shannon Drive, Wabash Ave., Bunker Drive, and Red Bud Drive, to name a few.

Indeed, Jarka responded to a call at his own home, and discovered a tiny gas leak in a line beneath the drop ceiling in his basement.

Saturday, Jarka added, was a busy day all around, with a total of 18 calls, including EMS responses.


Posted 11/2/2020








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