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More PCJ inmates and an officer positive for COVID19

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The Porter County Sheriff's Police is reporting that an addtionalĘ10 inmates out of the 15 tested on Monday are positive for COVID-19.

A total of 12 inmates has now tested positive.

Meanwhile, a jail officer has also tested positive.

The 12 inmates are in quarantine and being monitored by medical staff. All are in stable condition, none has a fever, and their only symptom currently is a cough, the PCSP said.

The jail officer is in quarantine at home and is also in stable condition.

"How the virus originated in our facility is still under investigation," the PCSP said. "As soon as we have more details we will send out another press release. We have no further comment or information at this time."

"We are doing everything we can to contain the virus and mitigate it," Sheriff Dave Reynolds said. "We are working with the Porter County Health Department and the Indiana State Health Department on a daily basis.”


Posted 4/16/2020




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