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Letter Carriers Food Drive this Saturday

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This year’s Postal Food Drive for the Duneland community will be held on Saturday, May 13.

This is the 25th anniversary for the National Association of Letter Carriers Food Drive. Nationally, the Food Drive collected over 80 million pounds of food last year and has collected total of 1.5 billion pounds of food in its 24 year history.

Locally the Duneland postal workers have participated in the “Postal Food Drive” for the past 23 years and have collected approximately 110,000 pounds in donations. These donations have been given directly to the Westchester Neighbors Food Pantry. The food drives could not have been this successful if it were not for the help of generous postal customers.

“I cannot say thank-you enough to our residents, volunteers, city carriers, clerks, rural carriers, and sponsors for all the hard work and support that they do to make this day such a success,” said organizer Timothy F. Callaway, NALC Branch 4800 President and local Food Drive Coordinator .

This year, as in the past, the Food Drive is in need of the community’s help. Many people in Duneland neighborhoods could use this help. It will go a long way in easing the pressures of life if the community could give them a helping hand.

As in the past, the donations collected will be given to the local Westchester Neighbors Food Pantry. The pantry could be helped by donating items that are used on a regular basis at home. Suggested items include toilet paper, paper towels, tooth paste, dish soap, bar soap, diapers, as well as any non-perishable food items.

Leave donations by mailbox

Postal carriers are asking the public to leave donations in a bag by their mailbox. If residents could leave their donations out early, there will be volunteers picking up items starting around 10 a.m. This will help get the donations to the food pantry volunteers for sorting. Please do not leave any glass items for pick-up.

Donations may also be brought to the Chesterton Post Office if needed.

During the years that the Chesterton Post Office has participated in the Food Drive the Duneland community has been very generous, and carriers are hoping that this year will be no exception. Help letter carriers to help others by stocking the shelves of the Food Pantry.


Posted 5/10/2017




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