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Jane Malone will appear on The Biggest Loser show

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At Franciscan Omni, Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution (THTS) program may be “your last stop for weight loss!” but for Omni member Jane Malone, it may be her first step to 15 minutes of fame.

Malone recently answered a call to write about her weight loss success story to the producers of NBC’s The Biggest Loser television show and it seems to have paid off. Marci Crozier, Director of Marketing & Sales with Franciscan Omni Health & Fitness, received an email in November asking all past contestants to forward any inspirational stories to the show. After submitting the testimonial outlining her weight loss of 153 pounds, 221.75 inches and 17.3% body fat, Malone was contacted by the show. She will be one of the lucky finalists flown out to The Biggest Loser Season 15 Finale but details of their plans are a mystery - in true Biggest Loser style.

Jane will be accompanied by a few of her Biggest fans at Omni who encouraged Malone along the way. The finale will be on Tuesday, February 4, at 7 p.m. on NBC.

Luck may appear to play a part in her landing a guest appearance on a popular show like Biggest Loser, but it was hard work and determination that helped her reach her goal in October 2012 and keep it off in the 15 months since. She made a life-changing decision to sign up with Omni Health & Fitness’ Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution Program while watching Marci and Courtney Crozier on the BL’s Season 11 finale three years ago. The THTS program has helped members lose 15,036 total pounds since its inception in 2011. “Weight Loss - Movement - Motivation” seems to be the key to lifelong weight management.


Posted 2/6/2014