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Indian Boundary Conservancy to review findings after lines jetted, manholes inspected, board seat open

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The Indian Boundary Conservancy District—which provides sanitary sewer service to some residents of unincorporated Westchester Township—is reporting that 30,050 feet of sewer lines in the Wake Robin and Graham Woods subdivisions and associated areas have been cleaned by high-velocity water-jetting followed by the use of video recording equipment to view and record the integrity of the lines.

D & M Excavating and R & R Video were the contractors for this project, Chuck Seely, vice-chair for the IBCD, said in a statement released today. A 579-page report plus 21 DVDs were turned over to IBCD for review and evaluation.

Another associated IBCD project was the completion of the inspection of 57 man holes, plus various cleanouts and air relief vault by NPES, Nagai Professional Engineering Services, Seely said. A Manhole Inspection Program Report was also turned over to IBCD. NPES will be following this up with Standard Manhole Report forms and photographs, all for review and evaluation.

A maintenance program is being developed to correct the deficiencies found during these inspections and IBCD will be contracting out necessary repair work in the near future.

Meanwhile, IBCD has also begun its 2011 pumping schedule and video inspection for property holding tanks. Various properties are on a five-year schedule. This year, 94 properties consisting of 68 holding tanks will have their solids pumped. Some properties are connected to individual 1,000-gallon tanks, while others are connected to 2,000-gallon tanks serving two properties. IBCD has approximately 304 properties connected to its system.

In addition, IBCD is presently looking for an individual residing in the Wake Robin subdivision who would be interested in filling an open seat on the board. Information about this position can be found on IBCDs web site or contact Seely at 926-7578.

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Posted 6/23/2011