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IBCD repairs collapsed sewer line

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A blockage in a sanitary sewer line West of Redbud drive on Dogwood Drive in the Wake Robin Fields subdivision forced the Indian Boundary Conservancy District (IBCD) to undertake a major repair earlier this week.

Chuck Seely of the IBCD told the Chesterton Tribune after deadline on Wednesday that the blockage was actually found last week, in a T-section of the gravity line west of Red Bud Drive as a crew was doing routine maintenance and inspections.

The crew was unable to jet the line clear and things “came to a head” on Sunday, Seely said, when sewage began “blocking up into the holding tanks” and then into one resident’s home. A contractor was called to the scene and as the line was being excavated things got a little worse when a section of the pipe out-and-out collapsed.

The contractor spent the day on Monday replacing the line and by 11 p.m. everything pretty much had been put to right and the excavation re-filled. Now the IBCD is waiting for the surface layer of flowable fill to dry before patching the road cut with asphalt, Seely said—it’s also waiting for the contractor’s bill—and is making arrangements to repair any property damage.

And the original blockage itself? A chunk of asphalt was found wedged into the T-section, Seely said. “Although I don’t know how you get a piece of asphalt into a manhole.”

Posted 5/19/2011