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Housing groups join forces to improve service

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Several Porter County non-profit agencies that provide housing services have announced that they are uniting forces to improve the scope and quality of assistance.

The agencies included in the discussions are Housing Opportunities, Spring Valley Shelter, Porter Starke Services, Porter County Community Foundation and the United Way of Porter County.

“One of the most devastating aspects of this depressed economy is the number of individuals who have lost their job, and, consequently, the income that has sustained their family. Many responsible adults are, for the first time, facing the loss of their home or apartment and literally have nowhere to go,” said Barb Young, president of the Porter County Community Foundation. “In these extraordinary times, it is essential that our service providers are using the available resources in the most effective way.”

The organizations involved in the effort are considering a wide variety of options based on cooperation and collaboration between the agencies. Young said the organizations must work together to provide a continuum of housing care for the homeless that starts with emergency assistance and ends with securing permanent housing.

“The financial strain on all non-profits is making it essential that they work together, especially if they serve the same clients. Our goal with these conversations is to ensure the continuation of vital services in the most efficient and cost effective manner,” she said.


Posted 1/22/2010




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