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Hats Off to Lil and Chuck Swickard is celebration of commitment to community

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“Hats Off To Lil and Chuck” was the theme of the day, as volunteers, friends, and customers celebrated the 17 years that Lil and Chuck Swickard have volunteered their time and talents at Duneland Resale Shop.

Resale volunteers wore “hats", and multi-colored balloons and a decorated cake added special touches to the day.

Although Lil and Chuck have worn many hats during their volunteer days at Duneland Resale, most recently, Lil has been in charge of the linen department and Chuck has worked on donated electrical items.

They both have also volunteered with other Duneland Resale endeavors-- Relay for Life, the Second Chance Singers, and more. They are pillars of faith and dedication to God, each other, their family and friends, and all they meet.

During their 17 years at Duneland Resale the two have always worked to promote the shop’s mission. Duneland United Churches Resale, Inc. is a God centered not-for-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to helping others.

Quality used clothing and merchandise which is donated is recycled and sold. Proceeds are used to assist service agencies, missions, and to meet community needs.

Lil and Chuck Swickard have been an inspiration to many people throughout these years, and everyone was happy to celebrate their special day.




Posted 6/8/2018




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