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Governor Holcomb issues order on church worship

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Gov. Eric Holcomb, along with State Health Commissioner Kris Box, has issued guidance for places of worship in the effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“During this time of uncertainty, fatih is more important than ever, and I am deeply grateful to our religious leaders for their efforts to find safe and creative ways to serve their communities,” Holcomb said in a statement released after deadline on Thursday. “The purpose of this guidance is not to restrict religious liberty but to save lives during these extraordinary times. I look forward to the day when we can once again worship side-by-side without the threat of spreading the coronavirus.”

Holcomb’s executive order 20-18 states that all public and private gatherings, including religious and spiritual, must be restricted to 10 people or fewer. In addition:

-- Church buildings and other physical locations for worship should be closed.

-- Live-stream or other virtual services are best.

-- The minimum number of necessary personnel should be used at all times for any services.

-- Drive-in services may be conducted under the following conditions only: attendees must remain in their vehicles at all times and may not interact physically with clergy, staff, or other participants; vehicles may contain only members of a single household; vehicles must be spaced nine feet apart or the equivalent of every other parking spot; no one may exit a vehicle at any time; portable restrooms are not allowed on the grounds and no indoor church restrooms may be used; Communion should not be held, but if so only pre-packaged Communion should be used and it must be distributed in a way that meets food safety stardards.

-- Persons who are 65 or older or who have underlying conditions like heart or lung disease or diabetes should not attend any worship service.



Posted 4/10/2020




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