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FSSA guidance for parents on COVID19

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The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is offering additional guidance to parents of school-aged children and child care providers related to the 2019 novel (new) coronavirus orĘCOVID-19.

Families who need help finding or paying for care can contact Brighter Futures Indiana at (800) 299-1627 to speak to a referral specialist.

Every community has a child care resource and referral agency that can also connect parents with local child care options and provide referrals for support. Families can find their local CCR&R by calling (800) 299-1627. When locating care, it is important that families choose licensed and regulated care for their children. To find out if a provider is licensed or regulated, go to or call (800) 299-1627.Ę

FSSA previously offered guidance that children who are out of school due to possible contact with a positive case should observe social isolation and be at home, not in a large child care setting. It is also strongly recommended that caregivers for these children during this timeframe not be older than age 65 or have a chronic disease or be in an immunosuppressed state. This guidance does not apply to all kids whose schools are closing as a precaution.


Posted 3/18/2020




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