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First Christian Church serves Thanksgiving feast to first responders

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Over 65 volunteers from the First Christian Church and the community prepared a Thanksgiving feast shared by over 250.

The meal were prepared at the church and then delivered to police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and shut-ins in various municipalities.

Those enabling the venture through financial contributions included members of the Chesterton-Porter Rotary Club, White-Love Funeral Home, Edmonds-Evans Funeral Home, the Duneland Resale Shop, and the Danish Maid Butter Company. The church wishes to thank these individuals and organizations for their partnership in helping others.

A large contingency of church members, with volunteers from the community, prepared the turkeys on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. “In this economy, there are so many people struggling that we didn't think it was right to just stay home and have our own celebration, but to share of our lives' bounty with others,” volunteer Jennifer Hood said. “We wanted to give. We inquired of several venues to serve on Thanksgiving Day and the overwhelming response that we had from First Christian Church's willingness to allow us to share convinced us to participate.”

“We believe First Christian Church has positioned themselves as a force to bring people together to serve, regardless of denomination,” added volunteer Jeremiah Hood. “One of the core values that my wife and I share include service and philanthropy. It is important that we set aside time to work with organizations that are as passionate about giving freely to others as we are.”

Janet Clark, this year's coordinator, said, “I believe it's important to serve our community and to share God's love in a tangible way. The greatest blessing we receive in return are the thankful faces we see when a meal is shared.”

“Benevolence and compassion are the purest virtues of love,” Pastor Barry Thorton said. “Jesus said, ‘If you've done it unto the least of one of these, you've done it unto me.’ Deeds done in love are never forgotten.”



Posted 11/26/2010




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