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Few Duneland Schools C19 cases connected to classroom transmission, county says

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Few of the more than 50 cases of COVID-19 reported by the Duneland School Corporation--including both in-person and remote learners--appear to be connected to actual classroom or in-building transmission, Porter County Health Officer Maria Stamp told the Chesterton Tribune.

To date, 41 in-person students and staffers have tested positive for COVID-19; and 12 remote learners. But “few” of those cases have been traced to classrooms, Stamp said. “We have looked at these cases, and they are spread across all schools and age groups. To determine if spread is happening within the classroom, we look at the students who are found to be close contacts of a positive case that went to school in the infectious period (up to 48 hours before symptoms onset or when the last test was collected). We have had very few positive cases come out of school-related quarantine.”

Instead, Stamp said, the risk of transmission is much higher with the following:

-- Extracurricular activities.

-- Athletic teams.

-- “Carpooling with people who do not live in your household.”

-- “Inviting people into your home, where masks are normally not worn, is of greatest risk currently.”

“The Health Department wants to emphasize the changes that can help lower the spread of COVID, not punish those who are doing a good job keeping people healthy,” Stamp added.

“If the number of students with coronavirus in a school climbs over 1 percent (or four students for the smaller schools), then it is advised that the school closes for a short period of time for cleaning and so students can work out their quarantine at home with remote learning,” Stamp noted.


Posted 10.27.2020




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