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Fairhaven Baptist going door-to-door not illegal

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It is not a violation of Town Code for Fairhaven Baptist Church members to go door-to-door promoting their church during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s the finding of Chesterton Police Chief Dave Cincoski, who told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that, so long as Fairhaven members aren’t attempting to sell a service or good, they’re not in need of a peddler’s license.

“Until the governor issues an executive order, they can go door-to-door,” Cincoski said.

And if the Gov. Holcomb does issue an executive order mandating a lockdown?

It’s unclear at the moment how such a lockdown order would be interpreted and enforced, Cincoski told the Tribune. Discussions with other law enforcement agencies and municipal and state officials are already underway on that issue, he added.

The Fairhaven door-to-door campaign has, however, prompted a robust debate on social media.


“Omg do they all have their heads buried in the sand?? That is extremely irresponsible of them to be doing that!!”

“Oh this is my church and while I wasn’t involved with this this morning, the church leadership had them putting the flyers on the doors, not knocking.”

“Nice response. Hope definitely needs to be shared at this time.”

“So they actually rang your doorbell?”

“Yep. And waited for someone to answer so they could chat 2 feet away!”

“Leaving flyers multiple people have touched is irresponsible and dangerous.”

“In all my experiences with Fairhaven at my door, they always ring and wait. And wait. This must be what they are told to do since it’s someone different every time. They also don’t take ‘No thank you’ for an answer. Again, that’s my experiences.”




Posted 3/23/2020




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