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Dunes National Park debuts coronavirus campaign; Beverly shores requires masks

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The National Park Service (NPS) at Indiana Dunes National Park has launched a social media campaign to keep visitors safe from COVID-19 while on the beach.

“In recognition of the increase of COVID-19 in the community and nationwide, this campaign reminds the public that they can catch the virus outdoors on a crowded beach if they are not wearing a mask or properly social-distancing,” NPS said.

The campaign, called “Think Before You Beach--Crowds Spread COVID--Even Outside,” started on Saturday and features social media posts and video along with signs located throughout the 15,000-acre park.

“In order to keep the beaches, trails, and restrooms safely open, visitors need to practice responsible recreation,” NPS said. “To do that, the park has developed tips based on the guidelines outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and state public health officials.”


-- Wear a mask when you cannot stay six feet from other visitors.

-- Whenever you go to the restroom or are in common space areas like the concession stand, you will need to wear a mask.

-- On the beach, spread out. Keep your beach towel six feet or more away from others.

-- The park has 15 miles of beach. Just walk east or west a couple of minutes from the beach access point to find a secluded beach experience just about any time or anywhere in the park.

-- Before you arrive, consider the best time to visit. Late afternoons and early mornings are less crowded. Weekdays are less crowded than weekends.

-- If the beach area has a line of cars or is already full, take a hike on a well-shaded trail like the ones near Chellberg Farm or have a picnic in the shade of a shelter. Go back to the beach later in the day when it’s less crowded.

“Outdoor recreation is important for maintaining good physical and mental health, but it is critical that visitors do their part to help control the spread of COVID-19 so the national park can remain safe and open,” NPS said.

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Beverly Shores issues emergency mask order

Beverly Shores Town Council President Geoff Benson declared a local disaster public emergency under Indiana Code, and ordered the mandatory wearing of masks under specified circumstances.

He did so after deadline on Friday afternoon. The order will remain in effect through 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, July 21, unless rescinded or extended.

The “Face Covering Mandate":

“Every individual must properly wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are at any of the following locations, with any person who is not a member of the individual’s immediate household:

“(1) An indoor area open to the public.

"(2) An outdoor public area where a distance of six feet from individuals who are not members of the household cannot be maintained.

“(3) A private indoor or outdoor area where a distance of six feet from individuals who are not members of their household cannot be maintained.

“Adults should supervise use of face coverings by children aged 3 to 12 to avoid misuse. A properly worn face covering is one that fully covers the individual’s mouth and nose, fits snugly against the sides of the face with no gaps, is secured (i.e. straps, ear loops) to prevent slipping, and allows for breathing without restriction. All face coverings, which are not disposed of after each use, should be washed each day it is used and made completely dry before the next use.”

The mandate does have several exceptions:

-- Children aged 2 or younger.

-- Those with a physical disability which prevents the easy wearing or removal of a mask.

-- Deaf persons who need to remove face coverings in order to use facial and mouth movements as part of their communication.

-- Persons advised by medical professionals not to wear a mask for health-related reasons.

-- A person ordered to remove a mask by law enforcement.

-- Persons whose religious beliefs prevent their wearing a mask.

-- A restaurant or bar patron eating or drinking.

Under the order, all employers in Beverly Shores must amend their COVID-19 confined operations plan to require all employees and visitors to wear face coverings.

Benson did add this proviso: "Actions that contradict this order do not create grounds for residents or law enforcement to stop, detain, issue a citation, arrest, intimidate, or harass individuals who do not comply with this order. This order should be used to educate, encourage, and persuade individuals to wear face coverings.”


Posted 7/20/2020




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