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Dunes Learning Center offers Tracking the Sandsquatch activities

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Dunes Learning Center has suspended its education programs and transitioned to social media and online content to continue engaging and educating children about the natural world.

The organization’s social media pages include nature craft tutorials, backyard nature walk-throughs and a new video series starring Dunes Learning Centers chief naturalist Anthony Escobedo on his hunt for the elusive “Sandsquatch.”

“This is mainly for the kids; they are exposed to a lot right now,” said Escobedo. “There is so much information about the pandemic out there, it is scary and a lot to take on. We want to provide an opportunity for kids to escape everything that is going on in the world and just be with the learning center in a fun, engaging environment.”

The nine-part series follows Escobedo throughout the Indiana Dunes National Park as he tracks the never-before-seen Sandsquatch, looking for the footprints, scat and clues it leaves behind.

“We wanted to create something that is entertaining and makes kids feel like they are exploring Dunes Learning Center,” said Escobedo. “We want nature to continue playing a central role for our students, even with everything going on.”

Escobedo hopes these videos motivate kids to get out of the house, into their backyards and appreciate the plant and animal life around them.

“We want to inspire students to get outside,” said Escobedo. “What can kids find in their backyards or where they live? They may not be looking for Sandsquatch, but they can try and track some squirrels.”

Dunes Learning Center plans on keeping nature close to the community. New episodes of “The Search for Sandsquatch” will be posted every Tuesday on Dunes Learning Center’s webpage ( and Facebook page (

Dunes Learning Center is a non-profit residential environmental education center and camp devoted to inspiring lasting curiosity and stewardship of nature, even in isolation.


Posted 4/8/2020




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