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Duneland Chamber and local hospitals introduce CHS students to careers in healthcare

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The Duneland Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Duneland Economic Development Company (DEDC), hosted it first annual Healthcare 360 program on Oct. 18, at Chesterton High School.

The event offered 72 junior and senior CHS students an opportunity to learn about local job opportunities in the healthcare industry. This program was modeled after a multi-year successful program through the Portage Economic Development Corporation currently taking place in the Portage high school system.

“Most of us immediately think of careers as doctors and nurses, but healthcare facilities are filled with careers, some of which do not need a four year degree,” Chamber President Maura Durham said.

In today’s high-tech world there are many institutions in the healthcare industry that are advanced, clean, well-paying, and in need of staffing. “This was a wonderful experience for our students,” said CHS school counselor James Moore. “I feel they discovered lots more career options for them in healthcare. All available to them locally.”

The students were able to get a feel for 15-20 different healthcare career paths, in visits to Porter Regional Hospital, the Franciscan Alliance ER department in Chesterton, and Ivy Tech Community College, where the students were shown advanced equipment and paths to a healthcare career. Students learned about careers in biomedical science, emergency medical services, food service, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, surgical technology, and many more.

Brooke Nack with Franciscan Alliance said, “Participating in Healthcare 360 was a delight. Witnessing the CHS students light up after removing a suture from an orange or watching ultrasound in action fueled our passion for our daily professions. It is my great hope that this event is the beginning to a rewarding healthcare career for these bright individuals.”

Sandy Oliver with Porter Regional Hospital added, “Our team at Porter Regional Hospital is honored to be a partner in this effort to introduce our Chesterton students to the many healthcare careers available. We believe healthcare is a stable field that can provide students the opportunity to create a very satisfying quality of life so they can stay right here in our community after graduation. Additionally, through this program the students and parents are exposed to the opportunities to obtain the education required locally in the colleges and universities in our surrounding communities at a reasonable cost. We hope the Healthcare 360 program provides benefits for our healthcare community for many years to come.”


Posted 11/5/2019




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