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Dave Rearick of Dune Acres sets sail alone around the globe

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Dune Acres resident Dave Rearick, skipper of the Class 40 sailboat Bodacious Dream, departed Newport, R.I., on Wednesday, to fulfill his bodacious dream of circumnavigating the globe.

Rearick calls his solo journey “the culmination of many years of dreaming.”

“Sailing around the world alone has been a dream of mine since my childhood days,” Rearick says. “And here I am, 55 years of age, and setting out for that farthest horizon.”

“For now, its truly a matter of living in the present and setting myself to the practice of enjoying (and studying) every mile as it passes under the keel of Bodacious Dream,” he adds. “I intend to be there with every wind shift and wave change, with every star in the sky and with every ray of sun bursting from the clouds. This will be a magical journey.”

Rearick’s planned itinerary on the 26,200-mile, 138-day voyage:

* From Newport to the mouth of the Amazon River, off the coast of Brazil. Distance: 2,700 miles. Length of sail: 14 days. His goal: to explore the mouth of the world’s largest river.

* From Brazil to the St. Helena Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Distance: 2,800 miles. Length of sail: 15 days. Goal: to explore this remote and desolate place.

* From St. Helena to Cape Town, South Africa. Distance: 1,700 miles. Length of sail: 10 days. Goal: to visit whale habitat and to see this historic maritime waypoint.

* From Cape Town to the Kerguelen Islands, in the desolate South Indian Ocean, not far distant from Antarctica. Distance: 2,400 miles. Length of sail: 12 days. “Often this is referred to as the circumnavigation of the Antarctic continent, because by any course of travel Antarctica must be sailed around.”

* From the Kerguelens to Wellington, New Zealand. Distance: 4,100 miles. Length of sail: 20 days. Goal: to visit many of New Zealand’s natural sites. Bodacious Dream was launched in Wellington in December 2011.

* From Wellington to Cape Horn and through the Straits of Magellan. Distance: 4,200 miles. Length of sail: 21 days. “Cape Horn is the Everest of sailing,” known for its harsh weather and historically a destroyer of ships.

* From the Straits to the Falkland Islands, just east of the southern tip of South America. Distance: 400 miles. Length of sail: two days.

* From the Falklands to South Georgia Island. Distance: 800 miles. Length of sail: four days. South Georgia Island was the destination of Ernest Shackleton’s monumental open boat journey from Antarctica, where he and his men had been stranded.

* From South Georgia to Antigua, West Indies. Distance: 5,000 miles. Length of sail: 30 days.

* From Antigua to Charleston, S.C. Distance: 1,400 miles. Length of sail: six days.

* And then returning to Newport: Distance: 700 miles. Length of sail: four days.





Posted 10/4/2013