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County Prosecutor asks folks to use common sense during pandemic

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Porter County Prosecuting Attorney Gary Germann is asking folks to use ďcommon senseĒ with respect to Gov. Eric Holcombís shelter-at-home executive order issued on Monday.

While Germann has authorized police agencies to arrest and charge persons found in violation of that executive order--make that in flagrant violation--he told the Chesterton Tribune today that his fundamental point is that people should do their level-headed best to avoid contact with others, in a cooperative effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. ďIím just saying ĎCanít we work together?í I didnít mean to sound heavy-handed. And Iím not saying you canít leave home. Iím just asking people to use common sense.Ē

Germann emphasized that Holcombís executive order listed many exemptions under which persons may in fact leave home and travel: to places of employment classified as essential; to groceries and pharmacies for foods, household goods, and medications; to parks for physical recreation (so long as proper social-distancing is practiced).

If, on the other hand and for example, a large group decides to hold a beach party, police officers are authorized to instruct them to disperse. ďIím comfortable with that position,Ē Germann said. ďI think itís the right one.Ē


Posted 3/27/2020




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