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County launches COVID19 dashboard

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Porter County launched a new COVID-19 dashboard after deadline on Tuesday, with the most granular information yet on the extent of the pandemic in this county.

As of 10:30 a.m. today, 80 positive cases of COVID-19 had been reported to the Health Department.

Of those 80, 12 are hospitalized and 28 have recovered. No deaths have yet been reported in Porter County.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester, nine cases, one hospitalized, three recovered.

-- Liberty: four cases, one hospitalized, three recovered.

-- Jackson: no cases.

-- Pine: no cases.

Portage Township--with 38 cases, six hospitalizations, and 10 recoveries--has been the hardest hit township so far; followed by Center, with 15 cases, two hospitalizations, and five recoveries; then Westchester; then Union, with seven cases, no hospitalizations, and five recoveries.

The demographic with the most cases so far is the 50-59 age range, with more than 20; then 40-49, with 17; 30-39 and 60-69 with 15 each; 70-79 with 13; and a handful of cases in the 0-19 and 80-89 ranges.

Slightly more females than males have been infected to date, 43 and 37 respectively.

“The county will make every effort to update the dashboard daily by 11 a.m., which will include data reported to the Health Department as of 10 a.m. the same day,” according to a statement which announced the launch of the dashboard. “Because the data in the dashboard are dependent on timely reporting by outside healthcare facilities, the time of a daily update may be delayed until the data are received.”

“The Health Department, County Attorney, GIS Department, and the Commissioners’ Office have been working together over the past week to develop the new dashboard,” County Commissioner Laura Blaney, D-South, said. “We’ve had to find the right balance between transparency and protecting privacy as required under HIPPA.”

“Through our website and social media accounts, we have worked tirelessly to provide our citizens accurate, updated, and comprehensive information daily to our citizens in a crisis environment that changes almost every hour,” Blaney added. “If you look around at other regional county websites and social media accounts, I think you’ll find that Porter County is providing the model for other local governments.”




Posted 4/8/2020




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