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Coffee Creek Farmers Market begins today on Sidewalk Road

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Coffee Creek Farmers Market will begin its 2017 season at Coffee Creek Center from 3 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 10, at a new location: at the Coffee Creek Pavilion parking lot on Sidewalk Road/1050N, immediately west of Dickinson Road. The new location is only temporary, market manager Damien Appel said, just until Phase I of the paving project on Village Point has been completed.

Lake Erie Land Company construction supervisor Keith Sharpe believes that Phase I is expected to last five to six weeks, and that the Farmers Market should be able to return to its usual location--in front of the water feature on Village Point--around the second week of June, Appel said.

For opening day, on Wednesday, customers will find veggie and herb transplants, fresh produce, honey, soaps, specialty sodas, wood-fired pizza, and more.

And look for Gerry Hundt to perform from 5 to 7 p.m.


Posted 5/10/2017





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