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Captain Michael Masty earns appointment in US Army Space and Missile Defense Command

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Capt. Michael Masty, a Class of 2000 Chesterton High School graduate, was one of 28 captains and two majors who succeeded in a double tier selection competition for the 30 slots which the Army Space Command opened for fulfillment this year to all members of the Army officer corps.

The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command is the Army component of the U.S. Strategic Command which deals with reconnaissance, satellites, rocket and missile launches and other areas related to space and missile defense operations. Army Space Command is the link to space-based support for Army operations in the field.

Capt. Masty is married to Amanda (nee Goulet), also formerly of Chesterton. He is currently participating in Advanced Leadership Training for Captains at Fort Benning, Georgia. Next he will be at Fort Riley, Kansas to serve as a Space Liaison Officer within the headquarters staff of the First Infantry Division.

Captain Masty has served in the Combat Infantry Branch of the Army since enrolling as an enlisted man 16 years ago; he has since worked up through the ranks and earned a B.A. degree. While serving in the Iraq War and garrisoning, and in two tours in Afghanistan, he received several citations for valor, including the Bronze Star. He has also completed the first entry program for Space Command.

The Captain is the son of Dana Masty, now of Valparaiso, and David Masty of Chesterton.


Posted 8/4/2016





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