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Attention to Details offers car decontamination in the time of COVID19

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Here’s a frightening fact, in these frightening days of COVID-19: the steering wheel, gear shift, and interior door handles of your car are four times dirtier than the toilet seat in a public restroom.

That’s according to the CDC, Bryan Johnson says, and if the idea of tooling around town in a filth-mobile makes you queasy, Johnson has a suggestion: get your vehicle decontaminated at his new business, Attention to Details, in the former L&S Refrigeration facility at 419 Council Drive in Chesterton.

“You put your kids in the car,” Johnson says. “You put your groceries in the car. I just want people to be aware of how dirty the inside of their cars is.”

But Attention to Details can fix that. Johnson--who originally planned to open his doors on Saturday, April 11, but was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic to move the date up--has made a significant investment in steam cleaners, disinfectants, and vacuums. A temperature of 175 degrees will exterminate all bacteria and germs, Johnson says, but his equipment will raise the temp in your car to 212 degrees, boiling point, and he’ll run that steam through the air vents and filters and into the interior and the trunk, then apply sanitizing chemicals to all knobs, levers, buttons, and controls, remove and vacuum mats, and deodorize everything.

For the cost of a basic decontamination--starting at $120, depending on the size of the vehicle--Johnson will also throw in a free hand-wash, another in the range of services which Attention to Details offers, including paint correction (one-, two-, and three-step), engine cleaning, and detailing.

"We take personal pride in our work,” Johnson says. “We use specialized tools and products. And we use enhanced cleaning and disinfecting methods to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind. We have the setup and space to safely and accurately perform any service.”

Johnson, who grew up in Chesterton, says that he was “raised to support the local small businesses.” Attention to Details is family owned and operated, the classic mom-and-pop, and Johnson couldn’t be more delighted to have hung out his own shingle. “I am so happy to be a small business myself now.”

Johnson also wants to send a shout-out to the community’s frontline first-responders in this time of pandemic and, to express his gratitude, he’s offering first-responders a 15-percent discount on all services: decontamination, hand-wash, paint correcting, and detailing.

“It’s the details that make the difference,” Johnson says. “We get what others miss. We’ll show you clean.”

Attention to Details is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday; and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. “But we’ll stay longer if we have to to get the job done,” Johnson promises.



Posted 4/9/2020




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