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ArTour provides artists at work for visitors to Duneland

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Despite the fabulous weather Saturday, crowds were down for both Chesterton’s European Market and ArTour 2009. Nevertheless, those who visited the 16 stops in the tour had an opportunity to see how photographers, painters, clay artists and even a blacksmith create their respective arts and crafts.

Whether one began or ended the tour at the Westchester Township Historical Musuem, that stop had to be the highlight of the Tour. There members of the museum staff and volunteers presented a PowerPoint presentation about local artists, many nationally known, all prominent in the history of the Duneland Community.

The PowerPoint, presented by Joan Costello, was shorter than those at the Art Institute in Chicago, but every bit on par with the famous institution. Visitors learned about Earl Reed, one of the earliest artsts of note in this area. Frank V. Dudley, considered one of America’s foremost landscare artists,Tunis Ponsen, Muriel Reese, Evelyn Finnstrom, John Hawkinson, David Sander, Tom Gasper, Wayne Cooper and David Tutwiler are among the Artists in the Dunes, whose lives are noted and some of whose works are on display in the ArTour that followed inside the museum.

Other artists of note in the grouping listed “Nature Artists” including John James Audubon, Hazel Hannell, Harriet Rex Smith, and Peggy Jo Furness Dunn.

Artists noted for local historical places include Oral Haslett Thomas, Olaf Polky, Lilian Hall, Eleanor Murray, Nathaniel Sears Wait and Konrad Juestell.

Some may recognize the names of the above mentioned artists, some may even have known (or know those still living), but regardless how aware one is of these art standouts, it is well worth a visit to acquaint oneself with the artists who have left their mark here, and nationally.

For example, David Tutwiler, who with his wife LinnŽ, winters in the dunes, has a summer home in Maine.

“David Tutwiler’s paintings hang in some of the most prestigious collections in the United States,” said Costello. “Trained at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Fine arts in Chicago, he is best known for his railroad art.”

On the patio outside the east entrance to the museum house in the historic Brown Mansion, Susan Nolan demonstrated her art and had a small gallery to show and sell to visitors.

Nolan, a member of the Association of Artists and Craftsmen of Porter County, chaired the event.

Dick Church, an AACPC Board member, painted a watercolor of a scarecrow as he sat on the porch of Tonya’s Pastisserie. Although a big man, who could have played on a major football league team, he has a very delicate touch in producing his portrayals of blooming florals and landscapes.

Artists throughout the town were mentioned in Thursday and Friday’s issues of the Chesterton Tribune. Each demonstration and/or exhibit was worth following the “Red Dot” map to see. For those who missed the opportunity, there is always next year.



Posted 9/14/2009




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