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Another death in Porter County; hospitalizations jump by nearly 50 percent

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Another Porter County resident has succumbed to COVID-19, the Porter County Health Department (PCHD) reported after deadline on Monday.

The victim was a Liberty Township resident in the 80-89 age group, residing in a nursing home.

To date, 71 Porter County residents have died of COVID-19. Fourteen of them were Dunelanders: eight Westchester Township residents and six Liberty Township. Twenty-five were Portage Township residents; 29 Center Township; and three Union Township. Deaths by age group: three in the 40-49; nine in the 50-59; 13 in the 60-69; 14 in the 70-79; 17 in the 80-89; and 15 in the 90-and-over.

In the 17 days since Friday, Oct. 30, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 15 Porter County residents.

New Cases

Meanwhile, PCHD reported 226 new COVID-19 cases on Monday (282 new cases on Sunday), to bring the total to date to 6,593.

The Chesterton Tribune is now unable to calculate a precise breakdown of new cases by demographic, as PCHD does not update a given demographic total once it exceeds 1,000 cases. The 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-59 demographics all now exceed 1,000 cases. The 0-20 demographic, with 943 cases as of Monday, is likely to exceed 1,000 cases either today or Wednesday.

The other demographic totals as of Monday: 60-69, 711 cases (682 on Sunday); 70-79, 353 cases (343 on Sunday); 80-89, 189 cases (182 on Sunday); and 90-and-over, 90 (84 on Sunday).


On Monday, PCHD reported 66 hospitalizations, up from 45 on Sunday, a spike of 47 percent overnight.

Monday’s 66 hospitalizations are the most on any given day of the pandemic in Porter County, exceeding the previous high of 45 reported on Sunday.

Prior to Nov. 3, no more than 28 COVID-19 patients had ever been hospitalized at one time: on May 20, half a year ago.

Of Monday’s 66 hospitalizations, 20 were nursing home residents.

Nursing Homes

Of the 226 new cases reported on Monday, 12 were among residents of nursing homes, bringing the total to 315, up from 303 on Sunday.

Of those 315 nursing home cases, 20 were hospitalized, up from 14 on Sunday; 126 have recovered, up from 111 on Sunday; and 46 have died, up from 45 on Sunday.

As of Sunday, there were 143 active COVID-19 cases in Porter County nursing homes, down from 147 on Sunday.

Over the first six months of the pandemic--from March 17, when PCHD first started tracking COVID-19 numbers, to Oct. 16--a total of 119 cases was reported by nursing homes. In the one month since Oct. 16 that number has grown by fully 196 new cases, or 165 percent.

Active Cases

PCHD reported 4,399 recoveries on Monday, up from 3,631 on Sunday.

Total active cases in Porter County as of Monday, after subtracting the 3,631 recoveries and 71 deaths: 2,123, down from 2,666 on Sunday.

Other Indicators

PCHD recently introduced other indicators on its COVID-19 dashboard: a seven-day rolling average of new cases per 100,000 residents; a seven-day rolling average of the unique-individual positivity rate; and a seven-day rolling average of the all-test positivity rate.

-- New cases per 100,000 residents as of Monday: 880 (861 on Sunday; 570 on Monday, Nov. 9).

-- Unique-individual positivity rate as of Nov. 8: 25.9 percent (25 percent on Nov. 7; 21.2 percent on Nov. 1).

-- Total-test positivity rate as of Nov. 8: 16.1 percent (15.7 percent on Nov. 7; 14.2 percent on Nov. 1). Note: both positivity rates lag up to eight days due to Indiana State Department of Health reporting methods.

Duneland Cases by Township

as of Monday

-- Westchester: 806 cases (783 cases on Sunday). Active cases: 276 (339 on Sunday).

-- Liberty: 410 cases (400 cases on Sunday). Active cases: 120 (163 on Sunday).

-- Jackson: 136 cases (133 on Sunday). Active cases: 59 (63 on Sunday).

-- Pine: 27 cases (unchanged from Sunday). Active cases: nine (13 on Sunday).

Other Townships as of Monday

-- Portage: 2,111 cases (2,037 on Sunday). Active cases: 656 (814 on Sunday).

-- Center: 1,870 (1,800 on Sunday). Active cases: 627 (794 on Sunday).

-- Washington: 212 cases (208 on Sunday). Active cases: 44 (61 on Sunday).

-- Union: 378 cases (360 on Sunday). Active cases: 125 (162 on Sunday).



Posted 11/17/2020




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