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Another C19 death reported in Porter County

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The Porter County Health Department was reporting this morning another COVID-19 death.

The victim was a Westchester Township resident living in a long-term care facility. As of deadline today, the Health Department had not updated the “Deaths by Age” page on its COVID-19 dashboard.

To date, 49 Porter County residents have succumbed to COVID-19. Eleven have been Dunelanders: nine of them Westchester Township residents; two of them, Liberty Township residents. Nineteen Portage Township residents have died; 18 Center Township residents; and one Union Township resident. Deaths by age (not including today’s): six in the 50-59; six in the 60-69; 12 in the 70-79; 12 in the 80-89; and 12 in the 90-and-above.

A total of 119 COVID-19 cases has been reported in Porter County long-term care facilities, unchanged from Tuesday. Of those 119, 31 have died, up from 30 on Tuesday, and 85 recovered, unchanged from Tuesday. None is currently hospitalized. As of today, there were three active COVID-19 cases in the county’s long-term care facilities, down from four on Tuesday.

The Health Department was also reporting this morning 12 new COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours (10 new cases on Tuesday), to bring the total so far to 2,099, up from 2,087 on Tuesday.

Of those 12 new cases, eight--or 67 percent--were diagnosed in the younger demographics: one in the 0-19 (315 total); five in the 20-29 (414 total); one in the 30-39 (318 total); and one in the 40-49 (316 total).

To date, 315 cases have been diagnosed in children or teens, or 15.0 percent of all cases (15 percent on Tuesday). On July 7, only 39 children or teens had been diagnosed of the 765 total cases at the time: or 5.1 percent.

Meanwhile, six patients are currently hospitalized, up from five on Tuesday. Total active cases in Porter County: 204, up from 192 on Tuesday.

Duneland cases by township:

-- Westchester: 238 cases (237 on Tuesday). Thirty-one active cases.

-- Liberty: 119 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Fourteen active cases.

-- Jackson: 39 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Ten active cases.

-- Pine: 11 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). No active cases.

Other townships:

-- Portage: 719 cases (715 on Tuesday). Sixty-one active cases.

-- Center: 577 cases (571 on Tuesday. Forty-five active cases. Center Township’s total includes Valparaiso University students.

-- Washington: 95 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Six active cases. Washington Township’s total includes Porter County Jail inmates.

-- Union: 115 cases (unchanged from Tuesday). Fifteen active cases.


Posted 9/23/2020




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